I want that BEAUTIFUL pink tablecloth. Where can I get one??

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Hello there! Can you please link me to which photo you are asking about? But if you are looking for linens/tablecloths for a wedding, a great place to look is Etsy. I have found so many wonderful things for weddings on that site. I hope it helps—if you would like to me help further, I would need a link to which photo you are speaking of :) 

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I love the lace linen on the cake table with the pink cake on it. Can you tell me where I can find it. It's so beautiful!

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Hi there! I’m not sure which photo you’re talking about or on what page, but I know on etsy.com you can find a whoooole bunch of really pretty things for a wedding—in all different categories. I’ve seen lots of really nice lace table runners for weddings. I hope that helps! 

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Cake pops are a fun alternative to a wedding cake! 

Cake pops are a fun alternative to a wedding cake! 

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These were made with foam balls and fake flowers! An easy and inexpensive way to add flowers to your wedding!

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Heart backs! I <3 it! 

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Hi! You have wonderful taste! Can you tell me anything about the dress with the cap sleeves and a silver sheen? The picture is labeled 04.25.11 followed by a heart, then 94. Do you know the designer? (I'm in love, and though I have no prospects for a husband at this time, I know my future dress). Thank you! ~Samantha Lovell

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Hi Samantha :)
If you mean this dress: http://tulle-andflora.tumblr.com/post/4814090128/im-a-sucker-for-cap-sleeves

then yes, I looked it up and it is a Reem Acra 2011 design. Hope I helped some! 

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Grooms seeing their brides for the first time on their wedding day.

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I think this is absolutely so cute. What a cool location! 

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Wedding signs = super fun! 

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